Head type turrets


  • Ideal for mounting boring bars and long drills
  • Electromechanical drive for both rotating and locking
  • Tool mounts complying with DIN 69881

Head type turrets

The optimum choice for tool post applications: our head turrets are particularly suitable for use with classic heavy-duty lathes and vertical and flat-bed lathes; also in combination with disc turrets.


  • Head type turrets optionally with 4, 6 or 8 tool positions
  • Electromechanical drive system for rotation and locking
  • Tool holding fixtures according to DIN 69881

EK 502

  • Compact, self contained control system
  • For Sauter series 0.5.320.0xx, 0.5.473.5xx and 0.5.480.2xx/5xx tool turrets
  • Performs and monitors all the functions of turrets without a tool drive system
  • Monitors the functions and status of the tool drive system of turrets equipped in this way

Machining unit

  • Y-Axis optional
  • Fast changing of bulky tooling