Motor spindle

Compact, precise and flexible – that is what makes Sauter motor spindles stand out from the crowd. The power spindles score points with features such as spindle bearing relief or our in-house-developed tool release unit, as well as a flexible construction.

One of the main features of the Sauter turning/milling spindle is its robust and precise construction. A three-part Hirth coupling enables the end user to carry out a multitude of turning operations with all kinds of geometries.


Also unique is a full spindle bearing relief, by means of a second Hirth coupling. This absorbs the high forces resulting from the turning operation and guides them into the housing – and not across the sensitive spindle bearing. This increases the lifetime of the bearing by about 50 per cent.


Process reliability is important at Sauter, therefore a sensor and a tool mount monitoring system watch over the status of the tool during operation. The current status is displayed on the machine control system.

A replaceable tool interface ca be easily replaced if necessary.Usually, the tool interfaces are permanently attached to the main spindle. Lubrication with long-life grease offers additional protection. With this maintenance-free spindle, within the specified life cycles, the user can concentrate completely on the productivity of the machine.



In a package with a rotating unit, the Sauter power spindle becomes a B-axis. This additional axis enables five-axis machining, thus enabling workpieces with complex geometries to be machined. In addition, a preloaded, backlash-free gearbox and a high-precision encoder system enable an interpolating machining process.




Relieved bearings



Hirth coupling



Contact control with sensor




Replaceable tool interface