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We at Sauter strive since our earliest days to develop and produce innovative high-tech products to increase the competitiveness of our customers significantly. The high-performance turret with direct-drive is the latest proof that we manage consistently to fulfill our self-made ambitious aim. Find out more on our product page.

Customer benefits

It is only good if it benefits the customer – that’s our motto and here at Sauter we focus on you and your specific requests and requirements. In addition to products that are technology and quality leaders, this means we work together with you as partners and provide comprehensive, individual support before, during and after your purchase. You benefit from our utmost commitment and, needless to say, you can completely rely on us.

1. The partner

As a company that has successfully maintained its position on the market for several decades, not only does Sauter offer outstanding, innovative products. We also pride ourselves on being a reliable, results-driven and fair partner to our customers. A partner that you can always count on.

2. The pacesetter

We measure our innovative strength by the earning power of the new Sauter products – and it is impressive. This comes as no surprise – after all, as a key pacesetter in the industry, Sauter Feinmechanik has numerous old and new patents and invests in new developments for tool carriers and tool carrier systems year after year. This makes us a sought-after development partner for many OEMs and SMEs.

3. The original

Technologically challenging components, modules, and systems characterized by maximum reliability and efficiency at competitive prices – this is Sauter’s hallmark. Like the original, we have been setting standards since the start and enjoy a high level of recognition. Both nationally and internationally.
We remain true to the inventive spirit of our founder and continue to launch groundbreaking products onto the market – one of the factors which guarantee the development of our globally successful group of companies. The other comes in the form of our highly-qualified, experienced employees with their commitment and expertise.

4. The one-stop supplier

Our company’s all-around approach is one of the reasons why our core customer base is made up of so many discerning companies around the globe. From product creation to product phase-out: Sauter is the right choice throughout the entire lifecycle. Excellent standards and comprehensive services – on every single continent.

5. The service provider

Spare parts, maintenance, repairs, refurbishments …
Sauter provides comprehensive, international services and is highly responsive. Customer-specific regional and international service contracts guarantee the supply of spare parts within 24 hours.
Our experienced Sauter service employees have successfully undergone several years of training at our head office in Germany and possess sound expert knowledge. And in our subsidiaries in Asia and America, our service employees are perfectly prepared for your challenging task, thanks to our proven “train by trainer” concept.

6. The optimizer

Why settle for good when you can have great? We help our customers to improve, to create and maintain crucial competitive advantages. As an optimizer and a company that actively brings ideas to life, we are able to perfect our customer’s production processes. Our customized machining solutions, our quality, tailor-made complete solutions result in significant increases in productivity for the end customer. We can also optimize our services for you: On request, we can extend our warranty periods.


Customers can rely on our products and their quality. Our extensive in-house production, coupled with the expertise and commitment of our highly-qualified employees and the latest technology ensure consistently top quality on attractive terms.