Do you wish to produce more in less time while improving the quality of your products? If so, Sauter Feinmechanik is precisely the right supplier for you.

Sauter - the ideal supplier if you are looking for precision and economy

• More tool speeds
• More performance
• More efficiency
• More...

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Clamping in a relaxed and safe way...
Sauter tools with security clamping system

pulled cutters, broken tools or concentricity error due to loosely fixed clamping nuts. Injuries caused by uncontrolled slipping by tightening and fixing the collet chuck with a wrench. Who doesn't know these things? With the Zeta clamping system all that belongs to the past.

The new system is based directly on the thread of the tool holder. It is no necessary to use a wrench. By using the screw on the adapter and the torque nut system it is possible to tighten and fix continuously with the correct torque. Sauter manufacturing leader Severin Windt has experienced that a not optimally tightened cutting tool leads to breaks and downtime of the machine. "Due to the possibility of the proper torque setting with a torque wrench we can eliminate this problem" says Windt. more...

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Press release
CTX Roadshow: "The perfect combination"
Sauter Feinmechanik is a partner of the DMG-Mori Seiki Roadshow

Bielefeld, Geretsried, Jekaterinenburg, St. Petersburg and Moscow. – these are the destinations to which
the CTX roadshow is touring this year. Sauter Feinmechanik will be there.
"Customer proximity is an important pillar in our corporate strategy"
say managing directors Heiko Müller and Bernhard Sauter,
"with a roadshow we support this pillar away from the crowded trade fair halls.

The two exhibits are equipped with turrets and tooling from Sauter. The two Direct-Drive turrets of the CTX beta 4 A provide a milling capacity which can otherwise only be realized on a milling machine.